Thursday, April 30, 2009


Summer is finally here! One of the great joys of living in the North is that spring isn't a season. It's more akin to an eruption...

Just two weeks ago we still had considerable snowpack on most of the ground and it didn't even remotely feel like spring and was probably worse than what most of the nation calls winter. Today, only deep shade will contain the remnants of winter with daytime highs into the low 70's and cold is only a memory. Our little community lost its collective mind and everywhere you go people are out and about on foot, bikes, motorcycles and ATVs and generally having a bout of Spring Fever. Sick calls at work rival the numbers achieved at 50 below.

This is the time of year we live here for!

I've not found it in me to write much and I've spent lots of time outside hiking and teaching my son to ride his bike. I've been bear hunting quite a bit in the evenings looking for sign and scouting areas with the elusive south facing slope warmed by the sun. Our official dusk is after 10:00pm so I've got plenty of time to scout during those productive evening hours.

I've also been poking around in the yard a bit trying to spruce things up a bit and recover articles from the melting snow. I've also received my first mosquito bite of the year as the early season "bombers" fly about. Funny thing is the early 'skeets are huge and slow flying and although they're big they're not so bad as the late season "fighters" that are quick, vicious and come in incredible numbers. Nothing quite like sitting on a tree stand while these big monsters come flying by- sometimes I think Fish and Game ought to sell tags and open a season.

I hope everyones summer is getting off to a good start.


me said...

Sounds great!

I am always surprised by the weather. It was over 80 here two weeks ago. The last three days my wife has been stranded at work and all the roads were closed. Snow on the roads was so bad they had to bring rotary snowplows from other parts of the state.
It is supposed to be around 48 today. Maybe I will be able to clear a path for the truck!
Good to hear from you.

David Cronenwett said...


Incredible how quickly things can change! Like Dennis mentions, we got freaking HAMMERED with a major dump this past week...which despite some folks whining, will be good for all because of the moisture content of the white stuff.

Any luck with bear yet? I put in for a Bison tag this year; wish me luck! If I draw I'll be inviting you and about 20 other friends to come and help drag, butcher, etc. Best,

hodgeman said...

No luck with the bear yet but its very early. My guess is they've been up for less than a week at this point as I've only seen sign for a couple of days. Bears down in southcentral have been out about 3 weeks so we're about right. They probably won't re-den at this point since we've hit green up.

You guys got whacked by snow there in Montana something fierce. We got a May snowstorm once that dumped 38" in 24 hours- that was a bad deal. The bright spot is that it won't hang on for long.

R. Gabe Davis said...

I am officially requesting some summertime Alaska photos. we have 4 very different seasons here in Tennessee but I have always dreamed of Alaska.
The Evirocapitalist

hodgeman said...

I sometimes miss the 4 seasons thing. I grew up in Tennessee and I miss those spring days there but the fall here (albeit short) with the golden aspens is beyond compare.

David, best of luck on your bison tag. I'm putting in for the AK one as well. Best of luck to both of us!