Saturday, June 9, 2012


The dip net opener occurred last week, and while the fishing wasn't as hot as I'd have liked despite record returns on the Miles Lake sonar, I did manage a pretty nice King Salmon or perhaps, more appropriately, a Chinook.

The largest of the Pacific salmon, Kings in the 40-50 pound range are pretty common and prized for their delicious flavor. I was fortunate enough to land this one in the midst of some truly dismal fishing on the Copper River. As I type this, I've filleted this one and have eaten a portion fresh on the grill, frozen a filet, and have the rest in brine waiting to be smoked tomorrow. This one, along with a half dozen Red Salmon I managed to catch, isn't going to last the year but it's a good start. The limit on Kings is but a single specimen so I'm all done for these but I've still got a long way to go to fill my tags on Reds.

More fishing to come...

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