Friday, July 12, 2013

The Fever

It is that time of year again... that time between the Red Salmon run and the start of hunting season. It's got to be one of my favorite times despite being so busy.  Just finished processing salmon, working down a long list of household chores, prepping for hunting season, taking the time for the occasional camping trip or cookout. Good thing the midnight sun gives up plenty of daylight- I need every minute I can get.

My family just finished putting together our tags for the upcoming hunting season- we've never taken as  many tags before and filling them all will be a lot of exciting, hard work. My son graduated his Hunter's Education course and has graduated to full fledged hunting participant this year- complete with his own tags. I love the expectation and planning almost as much as the hunt itself. The "fever" as I've come to think of it.

And I've got plenty of expectation and planning in the coming months. On the blogging front lots of exciting things are happening- a couple of pro deals in the works from two companies whose products I've come to use and respect very much, a teaching opportunity with BOW, the upcoming hunting season and something I can't wait to write about next year- a trip of a lifetime I've dreamed about for years.

Stayed tuned folks- it's going to get good.

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Phillip said...

Sounds like a good year coming up for you! I look forward to reading about it.