Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adios Dennis...

A blogger who's content inspires me very much has decided to take a much needed hiatus. Dennis over at Montana Elk Hunting has decided to pull the reigns and give it a break for a while for a variety of reasons. Putting out consistently good content takes a lot of work and his is better than most. To see that content poached by laggards is enough to tick off the most patient among us and the loss is all of ours collectively. The breadth and depth of his elk hunting knowledge is going to leave a vacuum that won't be readily filled and I for one will miss reading his material. His experience with elk and hunting with horses is something I can't hope to replicate here and reading his experiences gives me the momentum and desire to travel down there to do it myself one day.

Hopefully Dennis will return one day with more to share.

Vaya Con Dios.


me said...

Mr Mike,
Thank you for your words.

I have never thought of myself as inspirational.

As you may have gathered, the break has more elements than the theft of content or advice.

Where was the picture take? Or, what is the body of water in the distance?

Thank you again. I always enjoy your posts.

hodgeman said...

The photo was taken about twenty miles south of Delta Junction looking southwest from the Richardson Highway. The view is of the Delta River valley with Mt. Hayes in the background.

Hope to see you around again soon.

Albert A Rasch said...


I'm sorry to see DC take a break, but if and when he can, I'm sure he'll be back!

Best regards,
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