Monday, August 10, 2009

A Hearty Suggestion and a Couple of Random Thoughts

Dear Readers,

I've recently finished one of the books on my reading list- Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food". Do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy somewhere and read it. Fascinating is all I can say and I'm pretty well in tune with natural eating and several themes discussed in the book; as well as being an enthusiastic fan of things like CSAs, locally grown produce, grass fed local livestock, and (of course) wild game. I was simply amazed at some of the information presented in the book and as a bonus Mr. Pollan is an engaging and talented writer.

Just for grins here is a recent project from the kitchen (!)- locally raised bison turned into burger this morning, grilled and served between two warm, whole wheat,homemade buns with the fixin's I like. Go ahead- be jealous. I am and I ate the thing!

On other notes- several of you will notice that ads have popped on and off on my site lately. I've been experimenting with the "Monetize" button but I'll call it for what it is at this point- an abject failure. I thought that a few ads of appropriate content might be of use to some of you and it might even net me a few meager shekels in the process. Call it compensation for putting out content at risk for poaching as witnessed by Mr. Rausch's efforts of late.

Well- I was wrong. About all it did was show me the shortcomings of automated content scanning and ad selection (how did they ever link Trojans and the .30-06?- that would make an interesting article...) and goof up my visual layout (no matter how austere it really is).

So reader- here's my public apology.

Sorry. The ads are off for good. I'm sure somebody can make blogging a paying gig but I'm pretty sure its not me. If you're needing Trojans or are simply dying to contribute to the World Wildlife Fund (an equally bizarre association when you think about their mission...) I'm probably not your guy.


me said...

Mike, I am jealous. lol
Two winters ago I was able to get a half a bison that was taken from Yellowstone. It was better than any beef we had bought--we only buy whole beef from local ranchers who use no hormones. But it is better and I have heard better for you--the bison that is.
I put adsense on my blog at the start. I don't actually look at my blog much, but have been amazed at the ads that googles technology provides, although I haven't seen the wonderful Trojan ads.
As a side note, I got an interview in Wrangell, AK at the end of the month.
Have a great day!

David Cronenwett said...

Hey Mike,

Bison meat rocks; even if its domestically raised, its still damn fine eating! I might get a shot at a wild one this fall, if I draw a tag that is. I'm currently reading Pollan's earlier book, The Botany of Desire. He's definitely got some good ideas about food...but to be honest, I find his writing pretty tedious, repetitive and frequently "trying too hard" to be interesting. Still, it is thoughtful and important stuff.

I just can't keep up with the blogging during the summer. I plan on posting a piece on the ethnobotany workshop we just hosted at the ranch. Stay tuned. Hope you're having a great (and relatively bug free) summer. Talk to you friend. Best,
David C

hodgeman said...

Best of luck on your interview. Let me know how it goes.

I really enjoyed "In Defense of Food" but halfway through "Omnivore's Dilemma" I'm starting to agree with you- tedious and somewhat repetitve so far. He could have easily combined those two books and kept the page count about 10% more than either and had a super book. Hope summer is going well for as well.