Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Go Girl!....GO Hunting that is.

A friend of mine was tabulating the hunting license data from 2011 and found that 18% of all hunting licenses sold in the The Great Land were, in fact, sold to women. When you separate resident hunters, the number jumps to 19%.

That's right- nearly 1 in 5 Alaskan hunters in 2011 was a woman.

 For you industry types- I believe this is what you refer to as a "growth market".

This data makes the work my wife has put into the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program very rewarding. Way to go!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Great to see you posting so frequently,
Being an Adult Onset Hunting kind of guy, i'd say that these stats are just the start of the story, if only we were able to collect data for the women who are interested but yet to take the plunge, I suspect we'd being seeing an even larger new market.

The other thing i'd like to do is open a betting pool on just how the outdoor industry fails to wake up to the shift in demographic.

Even my seven year old daughter is 'over' the pink thing.


hodgeman said...

Thanks SBW- I've been trying to post a bit more often in a little shorter format.

I believe the number of female hunters is eventually going to approach that of male hunters as it probably should. I knew zero lady hunters as a kid but dozens as an adult.

The industry is starting to wake up a bit and a couple of women's specific manufacturers have started up but there is a still a significant deficit of equipment sized and marketed to women.

Probably a lot of diverse factors to that but lack of customer demand is probably a good one. My wife usually poaches my gear- when I tell her to just buy her own she refuses...and poaches my gear again. As photographic proof, Mrs Hodgeman is wearing two of my jackets in the photo!